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The effects of trauma knows no boundaries, it effects us all.  We have solutions to help transcend the debilitating effects of the residue of trauma.  Not all can afford outside help; with a community effort, and raised awareness, we can bring relief to all.  

The Overcome Anxiety Project is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing help for those seeking relief from chronic anxiety, panic disorder and other effects of trauma, across all sectors of society to improve the quality of life, and optimize health and wellness for all.

Our goal is to be completely financially self-sufficient, but we need a boost to start the revenue momentum.  Please help us by donating much needed funds to get the Overcoming Anxiety Program online. 

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Overcome Anxiety Project is dedicated to creating an anxiety free world.  We are a vocal advocate for Trauma Informed Care initiatives that start with addressing trauma as an underlying issue in community-based behavioral health agencies, hospitals, institutions, criminal and juvenile justice settings, homeless, domestic violence organizations, and state and federal agencies. 


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A Non-profit dedicated to creating an anxiety free world