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Overcome Anxiety Project is dedicated to bringing self-healing programs to all people who's lives have been impacted by unresolved trauma. We are advocates for Trauma Informed Care initiatives that start with addressing trauma as an underlying issue in community-based behavioral health agencies, hospitals, institutions, criminal and juvenile justice settings, homeless, domestic violence organizations, and state and federal agencies.

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Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Training
All trainings are currently available online. More information Here. The trainings fill up in advance, please apply and register early. We provide free training to non-profit organizations in social services, those dedicated to social justice and groups working with under resourced communities.

  • Yoga Prison Projects
  • Post Prison Yoga Project 
  • Addiction Recovery Collaborations
  • Juvenile Correction Center - TIYT

Hope in Action : facilitators currently working  in:

Our Mission

Bob Yellin 1952-2020

"The World is a greatly diminished place without Bob." 

  • Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitals 
  • Cancer Care Support - TIYT
  • Veterans - TIYT
  • Alzheimer's/Dementia Support - TIYT

Trauma  knows no boundaries.  We have solutions to help transcend the debilitating effects of the residue of trauma. Not all can afford the resources needed to support recovery and rehabilitation. With a community effort, and raised awareness, we can increase accessibility to much needed resources in the communities hardest hit by trauma. 


A Non-profit dedicated to creating an anxiety free world